welcome to my website 

I’m Lokesh kumar,
an Interaction Designer.

I am studying M.Des, in IDC IIT Bombay.



About Me

In search of novelty

I am a designer by choice, an artist and a programmer by hobby. My undergrad Mechanical knowledge enables me to design and build physical products, and with two years of work experience in software engineering I am equipped with the knowledge of software development, I can easily collaborate across various fields and it makes me a good team player. 

I consider myself as ‘forever student’, always eager to learn more and put my creativity into play.

Featured projects

Projects that showcase the potential of my work.

Internship project

Two months internship project worked in enhancing first-time user experience in the SAAS product called security central.

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Service Design

Resolve X, a service design solution to address the problem of communication and solving issues by the municipal corporation.

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Lumi Go

Independently designed, developed & published a full-fledged game with 80 levels. It has 1k+ downloads, with 4.9. 

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Other Projects


Design to bring back social elements into online classes to reduce mental stress, break monotony & enhance learning experience.

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Bot Troupe

Design of cool, fun thing that a participants of a virtual conference can do, with respect to the scenario of gather in India HCI 2020.

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Gamifying Chemistry

User study  to understand the key insights on how students observe chemistry & propose and implement a design solution

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Interactive Textbook

Design to facilitate students education with digital media in an effective way & also to entertain practice of using Textbooks.

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Prevention Sutra

A card game that teaches the prevention method. I implemented play & learn. Simple, short & family-friendly game.

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Usability Evaluation

Usability evaluation of Lumi Go game, to understand the effectiveness of user interface of the game and gameplay. 

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Projects that showcase the novelty, works got published in international conference and India HCI.

Published in IEEEVR 2021, LISBON (27 March)

A Low-cost Arm Based Motion Restriction Haptics for VR

Accepted in ACM ISS 2021, POLAND (14 Nov)

Touch and Explore: A VR Game Exploration, Based on Haptic Driven Game-play.

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Accepted in INDIA HCI 2021, INDIA

Touch-ting: Sharing Touches Remotely using Tangible Computing

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Design Sprints

Projects are done within the time frame of 7 to 24 hours.

Election Campaign System

Election campaign system design that helps Mr. Gordan’s(batman) campaign manager to launch and oversee the various campaigns.

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P2P Student Money Lending

A web-based application that enables students to borrow money as a loan through a peer to peer network system.

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Other projects

Exploration projects, Design and development of some games


A word-based multiplayer game where people compete against each other to form words.

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Word tetris

Simple word Tetris game, form words as the letters fall, also learn some unknown words, while playing

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HTML games

Lightweight HTML games I developed. ‘Four in a row’ mathematical game using AI and simple ‘tank’ game. Click and play directly

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